Loewe Zipper Bag

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Loewe’s Zipper Bag is an interesting one. Seemingly simple from the front, look at it from above and you’d actually see not one, not two, but three zippers (yes, that’s how the bag got its name, by the way) that all open into their own individual compartments. All lined in suede for that extra plush touch, 3 times the compartments also means 3 times the fun, allowing you to fully embrace your inner OCD and use them differently. Front zip pocket for work. Middle zip pocket for gym. And the last one for everything else.

Available in a single size, the Zipper Bag is priced at SGD4850 and comes in number of Loewe’s classic colours like Black, Indigo and Orange. And if there is one thing about the Spanish luxury house we can’t stress often enough is the quality materials (the supple leather exterior, suede interior and gold-tone hardware) and superb craftsmanship that Loewe takes great pride in.

In other words, if you’ve never owned a Loewe, it’s time to take a trip down to Casa Loewe at Paragon to take a look at the Zipper Bag, as well as the other offerings from the brand, including the collaboration withPaula’s Ibiza that launched last week.

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Conquering the city with a Gucci bag never looks this good. Introducing the Gucci’s GG Supreme Baby Bag, which could be a great addition to your growing luxury bag collection.

Convenient to carry around thanks to its downsized size, the Gucci GG Supreme Baby Bag is perfect to bring anywhere you go, since it can carry most of your essentials and non-negotiable things.

Featuring the label’s signature GG Supreme design for quick brand recognition, this bag further adds a touch of femininity to your overall ensembles due to its cute size. And oh, we couldn’t help but notice that its overall appearance exudes a vintage chic appeal. It just reminds us back to the good old days of Gucci. Besides, can you resist any bag that has the word ‘baby’ in their name?

Now let’s move on to the bag details. This bag features a coated canvas made from calf leather for that luxury touch. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this bag is also practical and multi-functional with its two-way zipped top for easy access and a detachable shoulder strap so you can always transition it into a shoulder bag to a cross-body bag. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, worry not for it also has sturdy handles for effortless hand carrying.

It measures 4.5” x 7” x 4” (H x W x D) inches and is priced around $950 USD, £640 via Gucci boutiques.




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Céline Trotteur Bag

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In every brand’s handbag lines, there are tiers of sorts. The top tier is populated by the bags a brand chooses to put on its runways and in its advertisements; they’re the ones the creative team thinks best demonstrate how they hope consumers will view their products. They tend to be a little weirder (or, as brands are hoping you will think of them, “directional”) than the bags in the next tier, which are the actual bestsellers most beloved by consumers.

They’re the Céline Luggage Totes of the world, if you will: they never appear on the brand’s runways or in its ads but nonetheless sell like hotcakes. The next tier is one full of bags that don’t get all that much editorial or media attention, but they should, because they form the bedrock of a brand’s business and appeal to tons of shoppers. That’s where the criminally under-appreciated Céline Trotteur Bag comes in.

céline small trotteur bag, $1,850

The past few seasons have seen as many saddle bags show up on both the luxury and contemporary bag markets as you could possibly want, and still, among them all, the Trotteur (which debuted in Fall 2015) stands out in my mind as the most elegantly designed. The key, of course, is the signature metal plate slide closure, which tucks into a chevron-shaped leather holster for a neat, minimal look. The metal plate itself is also chevron-shaped, and it’s just as attractive left unfastened, which is an underrated factor in handbag design. So many people don’t fully close their bags every time they open them, so shouldn’t they look good both ways?

Beyond a slip pocket inside and one at the bag’s outside rear panel, that’s it! The Trotteur is functional and uncomplicated, but beautifully simple: it’s the best of what modern minimalism can add to someone’s wardrobe.

céline compact lizard trotteur bag, $4,050

The Trotteur currently comes in three sizes: Small, Compact and Medium. The difference between each size is about two inches; the Small is 7″ x 7″, the Compact is 9″ x 9″ and the Medium is a little under 11″ x 11″.

For Summer 2017, the Trotteur is available in both smooth and pebbled calfskin, which are the most popular choices, as well as textured goat and watersnake. All versions are made with a lambskin-lined interior, which is a wonderfully luxurious touch that a lot of brands overlook.

The Trotteur is one of Céline’s more moderately priced day bags, with small calf versions going for $1,850 and snakeskin in the same size coming out at $2,800. The mid-size Compact in calf currently retails for $2,500, and while Céline doesn’t have any Medium Trotteurs in its lookbook sampling for Summer 2017, the brand’s Spring 2017 lookbook lists the Medium Trotteur in calf for $2,950.

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It’s an exciting moment, a new seasonal Chanel Flap Bag has been noticed and Cherry has bought hers in Macau. All the details on this bag resemble the Chanel Classic Bags – from the quilting to the CC logo. But what’s even more exciting is the chain, you see it features the lovely strong boyish chain that we all love.

Quote from Cherry: ‘It’s classy, with endurable leather. Size just nice. Love it’.

And we will share a little bit more details next week, so stay tuned!

Cherry congrats with your new purchase!

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Loving Lately: Christian Louboutin’s Eloise Bag

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Welcome to ‘Givenchy Red’ as we can expect to see a lot of ‘lipstick red’ bags for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. As a starter, there will be three red iconic bags released for the next season. They’re the Givenchy Nightingale Tote Bag, Givenchy Antigona Tote Bag, as well as the upcoming iconic – the Givenchy Horizon Bag.


Whatever Givenchy is going to release, keep your eyes on this small shoulder bag. Though we know this bag will be available in more variation of colors, the pink has already made us fall in love. Take a closer look at it – even the ‘extra large chain strap’ is colored in pink. The large chain strap is actually a design released in the Summer 2017 Collection, however, this all-pink design is new. This mini shoulder bag comes with a sharp front flap, it’s the perfect lady bag.


Don’t expect anything less than fabulous at Givenchy. And even though we can talk ‘bags, bags and bags’ all day long, we want to present you something ‘timeless’ and ‘neutral’, yet gorgeous. So as we wait for the next collection, you will also find this mini shoulder bag in shiny single color. This bag is actually a big bigger than a normal WOC and it features a round flap on the front. Because it comes with a long shoulder strap, expect that you can sling it easily on your shoulder. Such a beautiful design is what you need as an everyday accessory and it will match with almost everything in your wardrobe.
















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