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Do you want to add a touch of personality to your Dior bags but just don’t know how? Introducing these are the Dior Straps which prove practical whenever we feel like accessorizing, customizing and personalizing our beautiful Dior bags!

Released for Dior Summer 2017 Collection, there are three stylish designs that you can choose from! But we’re certain that there will be at least one particular style that will suit your taste.

First on the list is the Shoulder Strap with “Cannage” Design, which represents the classic design of this French fashion power house. It features jewelry in light gold-tone metal and can be paired over all Dior bags. Among the three, this one has the most simplistic appeal that most likely will never go out of style. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

The second one would be J’Adior Shoulder Strap with aged gold-tone metal J’ADIOR block letters. This adjustable strap is a match made in heaven for women who’d like to further add a touch of modernity and panache to their Dior bags! It’s a new complete new design as well.. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

Last on the list would be this Dior Shoulder Strap in Studded Calfskin, which also features aged gold-tone metal jewelry and perfectly complements the leather. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

Dior Cannage Design Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €450 euro, £410 GBP, ₩690,000 WON

Dior J’Adior Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €950 euro, £850 GBP, ₩1,450,000 WON

Dior J’Adior Studded Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €900 euro, £800 GBP






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Prada Shoulder Straps Collection

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After bag charms and those long strips of printed silk (every brand calls theirs differently, so I’m just being PC and referring to them as ‘long strips of printed silk’), here’s a third bag-accessorising trend that’s definitely here to stay. Yes, no marks awarded for guessing what it is, especially after that other Italian luxury house launched them to great success last year. Yes, it’s the shoulder strap, which like bag charms and those long strips of printed silk (I’m sorry), are now offered for sale individually as well.


Simply known as the Shoulder Straps collection, you’ll find these from Prada in stores from mid-July 2016, and besides being available in various thicknesses in different types of leather (there’s Saffiano leather, classic calfskin and something I’m not familiar with called Nastro leather), come embellished with a variety of 3D flowers as well. Made up of everything from crystals and plexiglass to resin and leather, you’ll just need to decide which strap will go best with your Prada bag, be it the Double or the Galleria, just to name a couple.

Or just pick up a new Prada bag and then a strap since both are sold separately, which also means you just need to head to your nearest boutique for a full look at what’s available locally now.

Still not convinced that this trend is here to stay? Well, besides the aforementioned Italian brand and Prada, there’s another Italian brand offering leather straps that are to be sold separately as well (hint: one of their designers just left for a French luxury label), as well as a French luxury house who you could consider a sister label of the French label I just mentioned that the designer is leaving for. In other words, look out for more updates soon.

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